About us

Since 2005


Years of Experience


Providing protection against Cyber threats and an alternative approach to cyber risk management and analysis.

SPARK Cyber Technologies  (formerly DBO), is specialized in information Technology and Telecommunications, with head office in Turkey and Operations in UK under partnership with CTSS Technology along with operations across many Middle East countries. SPARK offers Cybersecurity, Network, and Telecom Infrastructure solutions with professional services team.


To provide our customers with an exceptional experience and highest-quality Telecom and Information Security solutions, making sure our professional services are aligned with business objectives and needs rather than becoming a showstopper.


To grow continuously as a leader in Telecom & Information Security in all the markets we do business in, with international presence that aims to provide top-quality service level, offering our customer the latest state-of-art technologies and services, besides offering our employees a great chance to build and enhance their careers in information security.

What we do ?

SPARK is specialized in delivering a high-quality Telecom & information security consulting services, our Security & Risk Consulting services will provide you the expertise and analysis to help you enhance your demand posture, reduce your risk, facilitate compliance and improve your operational efficiency.